About Woodloch Real Estate

About Woodloch Real Estate

The beginning of Woodloch Real Estate dates back to the creation of Woodloch Springs in 1991. During those early years we worked directly with guests from Woodloch Pines resort who were interested in exploring real estate opportunities. As time marched on and our inventory of available Woodloch-owned real estate diminished, our role was expanded to include resale opportunities.

Today we’re proud to say that we serve both the Woodloch Family and the residents of Woodloch Springs. This specialization of only working on Woodloch-related projects gives us an enormous advantage of being able to provide inquiring families the highest level of attention and the greatest level of knowledge when it comes to the homes and homesites we offer.

Our team is a small hand-picked staff with an average tenure of service to Woodloch of close to 10 years and an average tenure in the real estate business of over 20 years. Our experience with Woodloch and in the real estate business insures the highest level of hospitality, professionalism, experience and knowledge.

Of course, we’re also very proud of the property we offer. Woodloch Springs is truly a unique community made up of meticulously maintained homes fitted to their settings. But most importantly, Woodloch Springs is a community of neighbors and friends who take tremendous pride in their property. We are also blessed with an abundance of natural resources which surround our community. Vistas, glens, meadows and the Pocono Mountains all add to a perfect backdrop to our spectacular 18-hole golf course.

Naturally, much credit goes to the team of planners, engineers and contractors who painstakingly carried out the mission of creating Woodloch Springs.

We encourage you to call us or better yet, take time to discover the Woodloch Experience!

Letter from the Owner

Dear Friends,

As you approach the entrance to Woodloch Springs you will see a signpost bearing a motto that has special significance to all of us in the Woodloch Family. It reads “A Tradition of Excellence”. This motto underscores a commitment made in 1958 with the founding of our family resort Woodloch Pines. From the very beginning our family has insisted on the highest quality in everything we did and every service we offered perhaps giving testimony to the fact that Woodloch Pines has been recognized three times as “one of the top fifty family resorts in America” by Better Homes and Gardens.

Woodloch Springs was a natural outgrowth of that tradition. Not surprisingly, the idea for a community that embraced the ideals and atmosphere of our resort came from the guests themselves… people who had come to know and love Woodloch through the years.

Of course, creating a community built on the Woodloch tradition of excellence was not only a daunting challenge but an exciting opportunity. Step by step with the help and watchful eye of countless people including talented friends, staff and contractors; Woodloch Springs became a reality. But what’s even more gratifying is that Woodloch Springs is more than a community of superbly built homes surrounded by extraordinary manmade amenities and natural splendor. It is a community of great people who share our spirit and strong desire to realize our dreams.

On behalf of the Woodloch Family I cordially invite you to visit Woodloch Springs, The Reserve, or experience The Mill.


John Kiesendahl

Phone Numbers & Fax

Woodloch Real Estate: 570.685.8100


Woodloch Builders: 570.685.8101


Toll-Free: 800.272.9428

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– Option #3: Woodloch Builders

– Option #4: Golf Information

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Fax Number: 570.685.8191

Email Addresses

Nick D’Andrea
Real Estate Broker and Community Manager


Barb D’Andrea
Administrative Assistant


David Smith
Real Estate Sales


Jim Merrit
Real Estate Sales


Brian Hoey
Director of Woodloch Builders


Patrick Cowley
Woodloch Builders

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